We offer Caribbean Catering Services for Weddings, Corporate Functions, Parties, Funerals, and much more..

We have been cooking Jamaican food professionally for the past six years, but have over 20 years experience cooking authentic Jamaican recipes. We also sell jerk seasoning and jerk sauce for your BBQ party.

We are very well known for our excellent catering services, and everyone will tell you we can offer you the best service for your needs. We also offer a cake baking and decorating service as well.  Please feel free to contact us with any queries or if you would like a quote, we can also be contacted on 07983 341511 Email  evansbaugh@ymail.com There are a minimum order of a 100 portion on the catering service page

This website is still under construction at the moment, but you are still welcome to email us with any questions or price quotes. Just use our Contact Us Page. Thank you for your interest.